Welcome to my private collection of experimental and conceptual photography.

I would not consider myself to be a photographer, and I leave that title to those who in my opinion are truly deserving of it, such as Frank Capa and Henry-Cartier Bresson. However, I am an artist and as such would like to share my art with you.

By nature I am incredibly passionate with much love for art, culture, film, music and travel. This translates through my ‘live for the moment’ approach to photography and feeding off of these passions to create many of the images in my gallery.

I have learned a great deal from collaborations with incredible models, such as Anita Silva Della Roca, to whom I owe so much thanks. Also, to the talented friends and artists who helped me along the way; Maurizio Beucci, Stefano Stranges, Alessandro Caramagna and Franz Soprani. But I am particulalry grateful to my very gifted friend, Raffaella Dagnese, an exceptional artist and my muse in the project, ‘Wood of Madness’.

All I now hope to do is to share my passions and perhaps provide a little inspiration along the way.

Please enjoy. 


A very special thanks to Libby for her precious help.